Trucks rusting in the desert

I’m not sure what it is about old trucks or tractors rusting away in the desert that makes such compelling images but they just look so cool.

Granted, it almost seems cliché to have a photo of a truck in the desert, I mean how many senior portraits, engagements or band photos can you think of that have a similar look to them?

That said, it’s a subject matter that matches up pretty well with the Holga lens.

Leeds, Utah - Civilian Conservation Corps camp
Leeds, Utah – Civilian Conservation Corps camp

I saw this pickup while I was out at the Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Leeds and I couldn’t resist.

I like the way the white truck pops out from the grey of the grass and brush behind it. It focuses you right in on the subject matter and at the same time gives a lonely and isolated feeling. Cliché aside, I’m fond of this image.